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Why individual character GSP have been removed

Hello Smashers,

As of today, 2/8/19, individual character GSPs have been removed. It's sad for me to do, especially since it was one of the funnest parts of designing the website when I put it together originally, but I needed to remove it due to information changing over time.

At the beginning of the website's development, almost no one had any clue as to how GSP worked (as I started the website only a few days after the game's release). When the website was released though, and that functionality was already developed, there was a starting consensus that the Elite Smash GSP requirement was the same for all characters across the board and not just character-specific. I held onto the functionality through the beginning of this time, as it was a highly-used function on the website, I enjoyed the functionality myself, and I didn't want to remove it until the majority consensus was that it was all the same.

As of the last week or so, I came to the conclusion that that consensus limit was finally met, and that every character's Elite Smash GSP requirement was the same.

So, what's the harm in leaving this functionality on the website though? A few things. One, it spreads the information that each character has its own individual GSP limit into Elite Smash, and if the community consensus is that it's all the same limit, I don't want to be confusing other people. The other reason is that if each character did actually have it's own Elite Smash GSP requirement, the website wasn't getting enough posts to keep it accurate. Every day, the website is getting an average of ~120 GSP posts, which is great for keeping an overall average, but when you calculate that there's over 70 character in the game and each character had an average of less than 2 GSP submissions a day, you could see how there's no way they'd be truly accurate with those low of posts (in the entire lifespan of this website, Ryu has had only 1 GSP submission, so he'd definitely be inaccurate).

After coming to this conclusion though, I didn't want to just fully remove it without adding some functionality to the website to replace it, as I felt it'd leave a hole within the website that I didn't want there. As such, before removing it, I decided to think of a replacement for it and my decision was what's on the website now: the ability to see the estimated top position within Elite Smash, as well as the ability to see what percentile your GSP is in currently.

For those tens of thousands of users who used this functionality, after reading this post, I hope you can understand why I retired this functionality on the website. Thanks for reading my explanation, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

Dylan (Hotrod08)

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