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Welcome to the Elite GSP Forums Giveaway Contest!

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How do I enter?
-Simply comment on other people's topics or create your own topics on any Forum page, every time you do counts as an entry!
-To comment or create your own topics, you will need to create an account though! Link to registration (you can use Facebook or Twitter to register as well)

-Yes! The grand prize is a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass, worth $25 (given as money via Paypal) and the minor prizes will be 5 free Piranha Plant downloads, given to 5 separate people worth $5 each (given as money via Paypal).

When does the contest end?
-3/8/19 @10pm EST. At that point, the forums will be momentarily closed while the 6 winners are randomly chosen. Winners will be posted on the website afterwards!

Is there a limit on entries?
-Nope, but the topics/comments must be quality posts! (info farther down)

How will the prizes be paid out?
-As soon as winners have been chosen, the money equivalent to your prize will be sent VIA Paypal to the email address associated with the account that posted to each winning comment.

Will every topic created or comment be entered into the contest?
-No. Comments may not be counted in the contest if:
   • They are low-quality topics/comments (1-2 word responses or "shit posts")
   • Responding to topics with memes with no other meaningful text with it (meme topics will count if you don't spam meme topics)
   • The poster is spamming multiple forums just for free entries
   • Additional rules may or may not be added to the contest (at my discretion) as time goes on.

Why are you running this contest?
-Since this is a new website, with a relatively simple concept (the main goal for you is to come here, see the GSP limit, then leave), I wanted to try to find another way to have meaning to this website, as well as give you more of a reason to come back. As I thought about it, it hit me that a Forums page would be awesome to run! As it's a brand new forum, you guys don't have much initiative to use it yet though. My goal here is, as this contest runs over the next month, it'll give you guys a fun reason to continue coming back and interacting with the website in a new way that's not completely Elite Smash or GSP related!

Will my login information be safe if I register?
-Yes! As of a few days ago, I spent the extra money upgrading the website from a http (non-secure) to a https (secure) server so that your login info will be as safe as I can make it! In addition to this, I have also installed the ability to sign up for the website with Facebook or Twitter, so it's an easier process for you!

What if I have a question or concern about the contest?
-Feel free to either comment below on this topic or email me at

Thanks so much for being apart of this website, and I hope to continue seeing you guys back!
Dylan (Hotrod08)