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Forum Contest Results!

Hey guys,

Now that the contest is over, I will be taking a short amount of time to randomly choose the winners. I'll be back here shortly to give the results! (Edit: winners added)

Grand Prize ($25): Ytekk (

Minor Prize ($5) #1: Trillion (
Minor Prize ($5) #2: FlamingSword24 (
Minor Prize ($5) #3: Andrew Koytek (
Minor Prize ($5) #4: Pichu Main (
Minor Prize ($5) #5: King Club (

I will be emailing the winners to verify the email address they would like to have the money sent to via Paypal. Payments will be sent out on 3/15/19!

Thank you for everyone who entered!

WOW what a lucky pick 🙂

I appreciate that I won, but I already own both the Pirrahna plant DLC and the Fighters Pass. I was posting on the forums to encourage others, and to help when needed. So, I would like mine to be rerolled and have someone else get the prize who doesn't own the DLC.


@flamingsword24 I assumed that some of the winners would already have both the Piranha Plant and Fighters Pass, so the rewards given out for this contest are just their equivalent in cash, that way if you don't own your prize equivalent, there was the money for it and if you already owned it, you got the cash equivalent.

If you'd still like to forfeit your prize, feel free to go through the forums here and find a username of someone who didn't win but you'd like to get the prize, and I'll give it to them instead.

I do still want to forfeit my prize, but because I don't think that I should just pick a winner, whoever wants my prize (that hasn't already received a prize) only needs to be the next one to comment on this post (Hotrod excluded... xD). That fine with you? @hotrod08

@flamingsword24 I would add the one stipulation that the commenting profile would need to be created before 3/8/19, but yeah I'm fine with that. If no one claims the prize by 3/15/19, I'll try to contact you again as to what you'd like to do with it.

Hi, can you send me the price on this account:
I saw that you sent it on my main address but it's not the one I use for PayPal. I don't know if you've been charged for that but if you did you should get the money back on April 14th according to PayPal