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How do i deal with projectile spammers?

Projectile spamming is the worst. Wolfs blaster, samuses charge shot and things like these are what make me go mad while playing online. i know jumping and rushing down is a good strategy but often they can just counter it by shielding, then punishing or attacking first. Any help would be appreciated.

I've always found that the best way to deal with projectile spammers is, like you said to pressure them from closer range.  You're right, they will try to counter it by shielding and punish your hits on their shield.  For this, you need to use mix ups once you're up in their face.  Grabs beat shields every time.  If you have a character who has a command grab (Wario Bite, Bowser Koopa Claw, etc), use those too because they beat out shields.  Tomahawk grabbing (jumping in and baiting the shield only to land and instantly grab) is good.  If you are going to use attacks and pressure their shields, use moves that will cross up the opponent.  For example, jump past them and use a back aerial so that they have to turn around after dropping shield to try to hit you back.