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How Many Elite Smash Characters Do You Have?

I'm currently at 4 characters in Elite Smash, Cloud, Sonic, Samus, and Ike.

None >.< rip

None?  Why not???  I just got 3 more. Kirby, Lucina, and Ganondorf.

Got only 1 rn, and that's olimar.

I guess I just suck. Haha. I tend to hang decently close to Elite, but always out of arms reach. Currently my highest is 3.1mil, and with working on this website, along with my family and full-time job, I don't have a lot of time to practice as much as I'd like.

Nah, doesn't mean you suck.  I've got 13 now though.  I added Donkey Kong, King K Rool, Mewtwo, Ness, King Dedede, and Marth today.

Very nice! As long as you're entering all of those GSPs onto the site 😉

I totally am! Ever since I found this site.  My first 4 were before I found it, but I got Roy to Elite today, so that puts me at 14 and I've entered the data for 10 of them now.

I have a couple in Elite Smash.

Ridley, Capt Falcon, Ganon, Inceneroar, Fox, Dark Samus & Little Mac.

Average Gsp is @ 3.9mill

4 for me. Ness is my highest at 3.92mill gsp then cloud ganon pichu in that order. Got a few others sitting close to elite just don't play them much