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Smash Ultimate Version 3.0.0 Coming This Spring, Joker Will Arrive By April

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What do you think of the news relating to the release of 3.0.0? I know some are absolutely psyched for Joker's release, but I haven't ever played any of his games, so I'm not fully attached to him. He'll still be cool though! I'm hoping for more balance changes to come out, specifically for what's considered garbage tier at this moment, like Little Mac and Kirby

I'm not familiar with joker but he seems like a nice addition to the smash roster. I'm more hopeful for quality of life and online changes in 3.0. Keeping my expectations low for now though

I'm really hoping for mostly balance changes.  Piranha Plant nerfs please. Ganon nerfs too.

Plant nerfs ? Hell no, plant need some good buffs. Maybe a slight nerf on his neutral B, but then some solid buffs to compensate.

All of his specials, especially poison, are too strong.

Mega Man leaf shield thing shouldn't exist

I hate that move.


Plant definitely needs a nerf, I was also thinking K. Rool, because some of his moves are a little too unfair.