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Byleth vs Mega Man

Mega Man

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Mega Man

Byleth ssbu flair
Mega Man ssbu flair
Bottom Fighter
Top Fighter
Weight (Units)37/89 (97 units)29/89 (102 units)
Walk Speed60/89 (0.970)42/89 (1.132)
Run Speed81/89 (1.430)58/89 (1.602)
Dash Speed68/89 (1.800)35/89 (1.958)
Air Speed79/89 (0.890)21/89 (1.155)
Shield Grab (F)1/89 (Frame 10)1/89 (Frame 10)
OoS 1
Frame 9
Nair/Up B
Frame 7
OoS 2
Frame 10
Frame 8
Up Smash
OoS 3
Frame 13
Uair/Up Smash
Frame 10
Fall Speed43/89 (1.600)13/89 (1.800)
Fast Fall Speed43/89 (2.560)13/89 (2.880)
Gravity52/89 (0.089)30/89 (0.107)
Air Acceleration68/89 (0.053)6/89 (0.110)
Short Hop71/89 (14.000)86/89 (11.490)
Full Jump79/89 (26.500)44/89 (32.800)
Air Jump73/89 (28.500)47/89 (32.800)
SpecialNoneWall Jump
• Attacks have extremely long reach
• Many strong moves
• Can turn the tide of a match with neutral or down special

• Has lots of projectiles in his arsenal (A, B, Down B)
• Can fight opponents without ever needing to get too close (A)
• Very good recovery combined with pretty heavy weight makes him hard to KO
• Very slow movement
• Few moves to deal with close range
• Many moves with slow frame data and few moves that allow them to attack safely

• No hitbox on his recovery means he can be edgeguarded if your opponent reads the route you are taking (Up B)
• Struggles against swordies and other fighters do can break through his zoning and fight up close
Data pulled from Game8, UltimateFrameData, and SmashWiki
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