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Dark Samus vs Ness

Dark Samus

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Dark Samus


Dark Samus ssbu flair
Ness ssbu flair
Bottom Fighter
Top Fighter
Weight (Units)10/89 (108 units)48/89 (94 units)
Walk Speed44/89 (1.115)71/89 (0.907)
Run Speed50/89 (1.654)57/89 (1.609)
Dash Speed50/89 (1.870)57/89 (1.826)
Air Speed34/89 (1.103)57/89 (1.007)
Shield Grab (F)87/89 (Frame 19)1/89 (Frame 10)
OoS 1
Frame 4
Up B
Frame 8
N Air
OoS 2
Frame 8
Frame 10
Up Smash/Down B (Air)/Grab
OoS 3
Frame 11
Nair/Up Smash
Frame 11
Fall Speed75/89 (1.330)79/89 (1.310)
Fast Fall Speed75/89 (2.128)79/89 (2.096)
Gravity75/89 (0.075)73/89 (0.077)
Air Acceleration21/89 (0.090)9/89 (0.100)
Short Hop10/89 (18.000)33/89 (16.650)
Full Jump13/89 (37.000)26/89 (34.480)
Air Jump19/89 (37.000)6/89 (45.650)
SpecialWall Jump, TetherNone
• Access to several powerful projectiles that allow it to zone out opponents
• Several long lasting aerial attacks
• Down Special (bombs) allows for it to mix up its recovery
• Relatively quick and long lasting aerials
• High survivability thanks to heavyweight class

• Has a kill throw (Back Throw)
• Very powerful aerial attacks (esp. Bair, Fair, and Dair)
• Useful projectiles for zoning opponents (Side Special / Up Special)
• Very good at edgeguarding (Down Smash)
• Several powerful combos
• Slow startup on most moves
• Struggles to fight up close
• Floaty, and easy to combo

• Poor recovery (Up B)
• Poor range, often losing to swords or other projectiles
• Poor mobility, with low ground and air speed
Data pulled from Game8, UltimateFrameData, and SmashWiki
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