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Diddy Kong vs Bayonetta

Diddy Kong

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Diddy Kong


Diddy Kong ssbu flair
Bayonetta ssbu flair
Bottom Fighter
Top Fighter
Weight (Units)61/89 (90 units)76/89 (81 units)
Walk Speed12/89 (1.313)61/89 (0.945)
Run Speed21/89 (2.006)37/89 (1.760)
Dash Speed18/89 (2.090)37/89 (1.936)
Air Speed75/89 (0.924)52/89 (1.019)
Shield Grab (F)36/89 (Frame 11)36/89 (Frame 11)
OoS 1
Frame 4
Z-Drop Banana
Frame 6
Up B
OoS 2
Frame 5
Up Smash
Frame 10
Fair/Side B (Air)
OoS 3
Frame 7
Banana Throw (F)
Frame 11
Fall Speed24/89 (1.750)20/89 (1.770)
Fast Fall Speed24/89 (2.800)20/89 (2.832)
Gravity13/89 (0.125)15/89 (0.120)
Air Acceleration70/89 (0.050)16/89 (0.095)
Short Hop5/89 (19.900)2/89 (21.350)
Full Jump5/89 (41.210)7/89 (39.000)
Air Jump11/89 (41.210)9/89 (42.000)
SpecialCrouch Walk, Wall Jump, Wall ClingWall Jump, Wall Cling
• Access to Banana, one of the best neutral tools (which can be thrown from shield)
• Great mobility and frame data
• Small size makes him hard to hit
• Side Special makes recovering from ledge and landing much easier

• Very potent combo game
• Excellent recovery power
• Great at edgeguarding (Neutral B, Nair, etc)
• Struggles to kill
• Poor recovery

• Struggles to KO until high percents
• Very high landing lag, making her easy to punish (Up Special, etc)
• Struggles to approach, as Side B is unsafe on shield
• Very low damage output if combos don't land
Data pulled from Game8, UltimateFrameData, and SmashWiki
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