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Donkey Kong vs Pac-Man

Donkey Kong

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Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong ssbu flair
Pac-Man ssbu flair
Bottom Fighter
Top Fighter
Weight (Units)3/89 (127 units)44/89 (95 units)
Walk Speed10/89 (1.365)49/89 (1.097)
Run Speed29/89 (1.873)48/89 (1.672)
Dash Speed18/89 (2.090)50/89 (1.870)
Air Speed14/89 (1.208)39/89 (1.092)
Shield Grab (F)57/89 (Frame 12)76/89 (Frame 16)
OoS 1
Frame 7
Up B (Air)
Frame 4
Up B
OoS 2
Frame 9
Frame 6
OoS 3
Frame 10
Frame 8
Fair/Item Throw(F)
Fall Speed39/89 (1.630)71/89 (1.350)
Fast Fall Speed40/89 (2.608)71/89 (2.160)
Gravity57/89 (0.085)79/89 (0.072)
Air Acceleration58/89 (0.060)31/89 (0.080)
Short Hop22/89 (17.300)35/89 (16.480)
Full Jump29/89 (34.000)28/89 (34.100)
Air Jump27/89 (35.500)34/89 (34.100)
SpecialNoneCrouch Walk, Wall Jump
• Good range on his attacks
• Very powerful hitboxes, which often take priority over opponents' attacks
• Decent horizontal movement in his recovery (Up Special)
• Great grab game, allowing him to use cargo throws and get early KOs on opponents
• Moves have high knockback for finishing stocks
• Access to several spikes

• Great at limiting opponent's movement with a variety of projectiles
• Very powerful recovery
• Very good follow-ups from item tosses
• Terrible vertical recovery
• Struggles when getting comboed, and cannot deal with projectiles
• Poor frame data, and lack of approach options

• Very poor grab
• Recovery is somewhat predictable
• Easily comboed
• Struggles to kill early on
Data pulled from Game8, UltimateFrameData, and SmashWiki
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