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Dr. Mario vs King K. Rool

Dr. Mario
King K. Rool

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Dr. Mario

King K. Rool

Dr. Mario ssbu flair
King K. Rool ssbu flair
Bottom Fighter
Top Fighter
Weight (Units)33/89 (98 units)2/89 (133 units)
Walk Speed68/89 (0.917)72/89 (0.903)
Run Speed79/89 (1.464)77/89 (1.485)
Dash Speed87/89 (1.538)37/89 (1.936)
Air Speed75/89 (0.924)69/89 (0.945)
Shield Grab (F)1/89 (Frame 10)57/89 (Frame 12)
OoS 1
Frame 3
Up B
Frame 6
Up Smash
OoS 2
Frame 6
Frame 10
OoS 3
Frame 7
Frame 11
Up B
Fall Speed58/89 (1.500)27/89 (1.700)
Fast Fall Speed57/89 (2.400)28/89 (2.720)
Gravity54/89 (0.087)33/89 (0.105)
Air Acceleration57/89 (0.061)70/89 (0.050)
Short Hop77/89 (13.142)74/89 (13.500)
Full Jump61/89 (30.881)39/89 (33.000)
Air Jump78/89 (27.785)49/89 (32.610)
SpecialWall JumpNone
• Several powerful moves for taking stocks (Smash Attacks, Up B, F-air, Down B)
• Several moves that come out quick and deal decent damage (N-air, etc)
• Up B is good for breaking combos and edgeguarding

• Several of his moves give him super armor
• Has 2 projectiles great for zoning
• Great recovery power for a heavyweight
• Several powerful KO moves
• Poor mobility (very slow)
• Poor range on his attacks
• Poor recovery (Up B)

• Big body makes him an easy target for projectiles and combos
• Recovery can be beaten if attacked from anywhere but the top
• Poor frame data and laggy moves
Data pulled from Game8, UltimateFrameData, and SmashWiki
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