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Duck Hunt vs King Dedede

Duck Hunt
King Dedede

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Duck Hunt

King Dedede

Duck Hunt ssbu flair
King Dedede ssbu flair
Bottom Fighter
Top Fighter
Weight (Units)70/89 (86 units)3/89 (127 units)
Walk Speed26/89 (1.213)54/89 (1.029)
Run Speed36/89 (1.793)76/89 (1.496)
Dash Speed71/89 (1.760)61/89 (1.815)
Air Speed21/89 (1.155)89/89 (0.735)
Shield Grab (F)1/89 (Frame 10)57/89 (Frame 12)
OoS 1
Frame 9
Frame 10
OoS 2
Frame 10
Frame 12
OoS 3
Frame 12
Up Smash
Frame 13
Fall Speed33/89 (1.650)2/89 (1.950)
Fast Fall Speed34/89 (2.640)2/89 (3.120)
Gravity74/89 (0.076)37/89 (0.097)
Air Acceleration31/89 (0.080)70/89 (0.050)
Short Hop35/89 (16.480)43/89 (16.020)
Full Jump29/89 (34.000)43/89 (32.850)
Air Jump38/89 (33.800)72/89 (28.503)
SpecialCrouch Walk, Wall JumpNone
• Powerful aerial attacks and smashes
• Excellent at zoning out opponents with their many projectiles
• High damage output

• Every attack deals a lot of damage
• Powerful recovery (Multiple jumps + Up Special)
• High endurance thanks to his weight
• Gordos are good tools for ledgetrapping and KO'ing
• Can reflect projectiles with Neutral B
• Good range thanks to long disjoints on his attacks (F-Tilt, etc)
• Predictable recovery makes them somewhat easy to edgeguard
• Struggles to KO early
• Struggles at close range

• Extremely large hurtbox, making him a target for projectiles and his own Gordos
• Heavyweight and easily comboed
• Somewhat easy to predict recovery
• Slow movement and poor frame data makes it hard to approach opponents
Data pulled from Game8, UltimateFrameData, and SmashWiki
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