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Fox ssbu flair
Ryu ssbu flair
Bottom Fighter
Top Fighter
Weight (Units)85/89 (77 units)27/89 (103 units)
Walk Speed3/89 (1.523)86/89 (0.750)
Run Speed6/89 (2.402)59/89 (1.600)
Dash Speed18/89 (2.090)71/89 (1.760)
Air Speed33/89 (1.110)30/89 (1.120)
Shield Grab (F)1/89 (Frame 10)1/89 (Frame 10)
OoS 1
Frame 6
Down B (Air)
Frame 6
Up B
OoS 2
Frame 7
Frame 7
OoS 3
Frame 8
Up Smash/Dair
Frame 9
Up Smash/Uair
Fall Speed1/89 (2.100)43/89 (1.600)
Fast Fall Speed1/89 (3.360)66/89 (2.240)
Gravity1/89 (0.230)15/89 (0.120)
Air Acceleration21/89 (0.090)84/89 (0.035)
Short Hop37/89 (16.400)59/89 (15.000)
Full Jump22/89 (35.000)81/89 (26.000)
Air Jump19/89 (37.000)64/89 (29.500)
SpecialWall JumpNone
• Very fast ground and aerial movement
• Very little endlag on moves
• Access to several combo starters )Dash Attack, Up Tilt, N-air, Down Throw, etc)
• Access to a decent projectile, as well as a reflector (↓ + B)

• When using the command-input, Shryuken KOs foes very early
• Super Armor on Down Special
• Has a good projectile (neutral special and Shakunetsu Hadoken)
• Will auto-turn to face 1 vs 1 opponents, making it easy to hit his moves
• Extremely deadly combo game
• Linear recovery (Side Special and Up Special)
• Poor range on his attacks
• Easy to combo, and lightweight so he gets KO'ed early
• Sometimes struggles to kill

• Always faces the opponent, and thus cannot use Bair easily
• Poor recovery makes him easy to edgeguard
• Somewhat high execution (getting used to command inputs and auto-turn)
• Focus Attack is easy to counter
• Struggles to land when put in disadvantage
Data pulled from Game8, UltimateFrameData, and SmashWiki
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