Website Updates

Last Update: 7/30/19
  • The Hero Added To Website
  • Forums Tab Has Been Removed (Due To Under Use)
  • Non-English Languages Have Been Refreshed
  • Joker Added To Website
  • Performance Updates Added
  • Added ability to look at character-specific GPS Posts
  • Now shows how many GSP Posts a user has entered next to their display name on GSP Posts page
  • Bug found/fixed to where sometimes entering the CAPTCHA would come back as a false incorrect
  • Added ability to check own GSP Posts (links both from login dropdown box and posts page)
  • Added ability to look at individual people's GSP Posts via clicking on person's name on posts page
  • Removed CAPTCHA for logged-in users
  • Added name to posted GSPs when logged-in
  • Added ability to customize color associated with your GSP posted
  • Language change option added
  • Login logo changed to website's logo
  • Login bug fixed (being logged in sometimes wouldn't show up on different pages)
  • Added login/logout functionality to menu header
  • Website navigation overhauled and redesigned!
  • EliteGSP Forums Giveaway Contest has begun! Check the forums for details!
  • Check Character GSPs have been removed. More info here
  • Estimated max GSP number has been added
  • Personal GSP percentage checker has been added
  • Changed GSP calculation formula for better accuracy
  • Facebook and Twitter logins/registration allowed for forums
  • GSP posting glitch fixed (hopefully!)
  • Added "Smash eSports" forum category
  • CAPTCHA letters are bigger and easier to read!
  • Taller menu (pc/mobile) and submenu (mobile) for easier usability
  • Upgraded website to secure server! (https)
  • Changed CAPTCHA from 5 to 4 numbers/letters
  • Changed CAPTCHA creation formula for easier readability
  • Added separate colors for pop-up text showing failed CAPTCHA, failed post, or successful post
  • Temporarily allowing guest posting on forums page (will be changed to login-only posting in future)
  • Changed GSP calculations from last 5 days to last 3 days
  • Piranha Plant Added to Website!
  • Added Forums Tab (in Beta)
  • If CAPTCHA is entered incorrectly, GSP entered won't disappear
  • Gave CAPTCHA the ability to refresh by clicking CAPTCHA
  • Added front-page display of when website was last updated
  • Added GSP Posts (shows last 50 GSP entries on website)
  • Added Navigation Bar
  • Connected Social Media links. I'd appreciate it if you like/follow!
  • Added CAPTCHA to GSP posts
  • Changed GSP calculation formula for average and specific characters (weighted towards newer entries)
  • Changed GSPs used in calculations from last 7 days to last 5 days
  • Changed GSP server calculations from every 30 minutes to every hour
  • Changed allowed GSP posting range
  • Added this updates page!
  • Website is Fully Released!